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10 Week Standard (Make Your Own Website) Course - $399

Learn how to make your own website! This 10 week online course is for anyone (beginners welcome!) who wants to learn how to make a website that gets found in the search results! Because you will have your own personal website trainer, you'll be up and running faster than you can say Google!

Weekly Lesson Topics:

Week 01 - The first step to making your own website starts with the important research basics on your chosen niche. This will be the core of all your business success! (NOTE: The accelerated course, I perform this and the next important steps for you, so you know it's top notch).

Week 02 - Building upon last week's lesson, we'll take your research and put it into a plan of action - this is how to make a website get noticed by the search engines (NEW - SEO basics for 2015).

Week 03 - Setting up your monetization and evaluating your best income stream. Getting your domain name registered, and setting up a hosting account - what you need to know.

Week 04 - Here's where the rubber meets the road - Because we've planned and prepared, today is the day to go "live"!

Week 05 - Today we'll add in your opt-in list. As you'll see fairly soon, all good things stem from an interested list of subscribers.

Week 06 - Getting social! Exploring social media, determining what (if any) social media platforms will be a benefit to your start up business.

Week 07 - Developing your lead magnet. Don't worry if you don't know what this is, because you will soon be an expert!

Week 08 - How to build your Lead Page (squeeze page).

Week 09 - Pulling it all together, reviewing analytics, traffic and more.

Week 10 - Graduation! 90 min of customized consultation just for *you*.

Because space is limited, please sign up for your free consultation, using the form right below, as the first step in your application to this amazing course. Once I receive your application for consultation, you will be contacted via email (so use your primary email, you won't want to miss my reply).


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